Why I'm excited about Neverdark

A RTS 4X game where the world is the map.

So I've been keeping my eye on a game that seems really interesting. A lot of the things presented in the trailers and descriptions haven't been done before. Especially its main game-play mechanic which I'll get to later.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic global blackout. It’s a type of setting that is interesting, and hasn’t been done a lot. Likely because most devs may be afraid their game will be bland if they do. However, I think the devs did this on purpose to create more than just another nuclear survival game. I think their execution of the game will work out in the end.

Images used were screen shot from website here http://neverdarkgame.com

We don't know much about gameplay or when it will release, it just says “coming soon" on steam. The announcement trailer came out in 2019 so its been around for two years. The main selling point in the trailer that makes the game truly unique and interesting is the map. In this game they use real city maps as the game locations. You can play in New York City, Paris, or hopefully even your own home town. This is probably the most original way to make a map for a strategy game.

Now we don't know to what extent and how detailed these maps are. I don’t know if they will just randomize which builds are which. Or if I can go to my house and raid all my neighbors for food and supplies in-game. However, they did say the Louvre Museum could be your black market. If they don't do every city and town in the world, then Steam Workshop may allow you to add your hometown. But I have no idea if they will add Steam Workshop.

This isn't a fair way to judge a game, but my hype levels for the game would probably rate the game at a 7.5-8, if everything in the game feels good. However, there are some things interest me more in the game. Eventually I would like to see a DLC, heck it could just be a mod that adds zombies, or nuclear events in the game. If we can get something like that from the modding community, the game is an easy 8-9. However, we don’t know how this will all blend together, or if it will be executed well.

Either way I really want to see more soon. Hopefully we will get a better release time frame.


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